Original Vinyl roof Ford Taunus M20 P7B Coupe





Original fabric with original fabric grain


Free of harmful substances

Saliva resistant

Saltwater resistant

Very best

Are sewn to the original positions

Extreme tearproof

For vehicles with or without sunroof available

German manufacturing

Each Vinyltop will be for everyone clients individually prepared

Perfect fit with enough supernatural for the assembly


Perfect optics

Very durable

Hundredfold proven


Free Vinyltop installation instructions included

vinyl roof

Since 2002 Vinyltops are available from us and all our customers are very satisfied with the quality.

Let yourself be inspired by the quality of our Vinyltop. The fabric used is the original fabric with original grain for perfect look.

These Vinyltops have the seams in the original positions which is necessary for a high quality restoration. The seams are absolutely waterproof.


For your car can get here:

New black Vinyltop for Ford Taunus M20 P7B Coupe



1 x Vinyl Roof black without sunroof for Ford Taunus M20 P7B Coupe

The ware comes from Germany. 
These prices are inclusive transport costs.
The delivery time is about 16 days from your order.

Vinyl Roof black without sunroof Taunus M20 P7B Coupe

This is how your order works:

1: P
ress "Jetzt kaufen"
2: Now you came to the next page and choose your preferred payment method
3: Follow the instructions on the page and your order will be registered and processed with us
After the ordering process you can download the free vinyltop installation instructions

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